About Present4

Present4 was created by Digital Shuffle, an award-winning agency specializing in innovative forms of digital media. We discovered a need to quickly present our value proposition and explain what it is we do and why we do it better. The concept behind Present4 is using motion graphics and engaging animations to tell a story in a more informative and entertaining format than traditional media. We soon realized that many of our clients were looking for the same type of service, and thus, Present4 was born.

About Digital Shuffle

Digital Shuffle's creative team consists of marketing strategists and creative professionals who specialize in creative design, story telling, web development and video/digital media production. Our agency develops and deploys turnkey marketing campaigns for brands of all sizes.

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How do you share your Present4? Make your Present4 successful with an integrated marketing campaign. Our team will provide a consultation for the next steps and recommended course of action to ensure that you can use your P4 to it’s full potential.

The P4 Process

Our proven process begins with a collaborative discovery session to learn more about your company. During this phase we develop your value proposition and audio script for your feedback. Once approved, your project does into production where our team completes the visual scripting and voice talent recording. You’ll get to see a 25 second rough cut of your video prior to viewing the final cut. Once revisions have been made, a final version is available for delivery.

The P4 Process