Why Present4?

You spend the money prospecting, going to trade shows, advertising and driving traffic to your website, but what happens when people get there? Can they quickly understand your product or service offering and why it’s better than the competition? Do they understand how to use it, or better yet, how they can use it? We don’t believe in lengthy videos, powerpoint presentations, or pages and pages of PDF documents that people really never read anyway. We believe in a concise, professional and simple video presentations that tell your audience enough about your brand to evoke action.

Our award-winning creative team specializes in telling your story through engaging media. We’ve worked with some of the largest (and smallest) brands in North America to develop stories for a wide range of industries.

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Present4 offers additional marketing solutions for driving traffic to your P4 video on a custom designed landing page via direct mail, email, virtual business cards, online advertising and more.

Why Use Video?

Increases User Engagement

A study by Forrester Research revealed that only 20% of web visitors will actually read the majority of written text on a website, but 80% will watch the same content when presented in the form of a video. Video has also shown to increase conversions on retail ecommerce sites when used for product demonstrations.

Easier to Understand Explanations

Visual and audio explanations help increase audience recall and understanding. Simple animations are optimal for explaining complex topics and can help illustrate your competitive advantage better than text or pictures alone. Product demonstration videos help reduce customer support calls and pre-sale questions, making for faster sales conversions and less support time.

Enhances Mobile Experience

Have you tried reading paragraphs of web content on your smartphone? It’s difficult for most users to scroll through pages of content compared to watching a video on their mobile device. Offering a user the ability to simply click and watch a video provides an enhanced mobile experience and ensures that users can choose their preferred format for learning more about your product or services.

Increases Search Engine Rankings

A corporate website is 50x more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google if it contains video content. Adding your video content to YouTube will also ensure that it is indexed in search results. Why? Because Google recognizes that video content is engaging and helpful for people searching for keywords matching your product or service offerings.